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Chakra Tea Complete Box Set

Chakra Tea Complete Box Set

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A Guide To Your Chakra Tea Box

Each of these delicious teas has a unique flavour and healing properties carefully blended to balance each chakra. As you explore each one, notice how they affect your mind, body and spirit differently.

Below is a short guide to what you may experience.

  • Root - Sensuali-tea: relax and let go of physical tension, explore your sensuality, encourage a sense of bodily bliss.

  • Sacral - Creativi-tea: cleanse and nourish the sexual and digestive organs, removing blocks to your creativity, let’s get your juices flowing.

  • Solar Plexus - Immuni-tea: strengthen boundaries, release toxicity, stand in your power and enhance your ability to manifest desires into reality.

  • Heart - Tranquili-tea: heals and softens your heart, lets peace and love emanate out from your soul, lets your heart guide your journey.

  • Throat - Puri-tea: strengthening and cleansing the throat, enhancing your ability to speak your truth, becoming brave and authentically you.

  • Third eye - Night-tea: soothing and seductive, slip into a blissful state of relaxed awareness so you can sleep peacefully and dream a new dream.

  • Crown - Spirituali-tea: protecting and awakening, explore deeper meditative states, for dream work or meditations, peace and oneness.

  • All Chakras - Cacao Tea - spiritually and emotionally uplifting whilst physically soothing. Nurturing, energising and awakening. A blissful tea for all the chakras!

Invitations for use

Use 1-2 teaspoons per cup and add freshly boiled water, infusing for 5-10 minutes. Drink up to 3 cups a day.

100% Organic Ingredients

  • Root - Sensuali-tea: Rose, Blue Lotus, Damiana, Raspberry leaf, Lemon balm and Chamomile. 

  • Sacral - Creativi-tea: Aniseed, Hibiscus, Orange, Liquorice and Calendula.

  • Solar Plexus - Immuni-tea: Lemon peel, Ginger root, Liquorice, Chamomile, Lemon verbena, Elderflower & Yarrow

  • Heart - Tranquili-tea: Rosa damascena. Rosa centifolia, Bobinsana, Chamomile, Limeflower, Lavender, Passionflower

  • Throat - Puri-tea: Spearmint, Rosemary, Elderflower, Peppermint, Holy Basil, Red clover and Nettle leaf

  • Third eye - Night-tea: Passionflower, Limeflower, Mistletoe, Cornflower and Chamomile

  • Crown - Spirituali-tea: Rose, Chamomile, Liquorice, Mugwort, Gotu Kola and Blue Lotus

Cautions: If you have any allergy to the ingredients contained in these teas, do not ingest them. If you have any health issues, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are taking any medications please begin with a low dose of 1 cup per day and see how you feel. It may be OK to raise your dosage to 3 cups, but be especially careful if you are on high doses of any medications and drink responsibly! Please note, the ingredients in these herbal teas are considered safe in pregnancy in small doses, so we advise you to keep to a low dose as you will be more sensitive at this time.

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