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Organic Nettle (50g)

Organic Nettle (50g)

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A wonderful detoxifying and nutrient-rich herb that can assist your body in keeping good health and healing in so many ways! It is cheap to buy, but also very easy to forage (although beware of the stings and wear thick gloves). I enjoy it as a tea but also use the young shoots in spring as a delicious spinach alternative in many recipes. Read on to learn more...

Actions: Nutrient, diuretic, detoxing, astringent, galactagogue, decongestant, hypoglycemic, anti-asthmatic, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, anti-goitre (thyroid tonic), blood tonic

Physical Indications

respiratory system
As a decongestant lung tonic, this herb is also antihistamine and anti-inflammatory making it a beneficial remedy in the treatment of asthma, hay fever, catarrhal congestion and lung weakness.

digestive system
In the digestive tract, it can work as an astringent to arrest diarrhoea, wind and relieve inflammation of IBS and help heal ulcers.

genitourinary system
It has a stimulating action on the bladder and kidneys, it assists the body in cleansing toxins and waste. It can relieve bladder infections, stones and gravel. And is also an excellent remedy for gout. It has a wonderful tonic action on the blood and is useful for balancing the blood flow at menstruation to stem heavy bleeding or to aid amenorrhea and encourage healthy blood flow. At menopause, it proves useful as a tonic for exhaustion (seeds and leaves). It can also work as a galactagogue to promote milk production in breastfeeding mums. The roots are thought to assist the liver in clearing away excess hormones to assist the balance of the body - useful for any imbalances of hormones.

musculoskeletal system
The detoxing and tonic actions with its anti-inflammatory ability combined make it a helpful remedy for arthritis and rheumatism.

It has a strong astringent action that can arrest bleeding - applied to skin as an infusion or fresh juice (not a compress as this may still contain stings) - for nose bleeds, cuts, burns, and haemorrhoids.

Contraindications: None known.

preparations and dosage

1–2 teaspoons of leaves, or seeds per cup, infuse for 15 minutes and drink freely.

As a treatment for heavy periods and exhaustion, combined with Raspberry leaf and Yarrow. To treat respiratory weakness, allergy and inflammation in the lungs or sinuses use Peppermint and Coltsfoot or Marshmallow leaf. To treat cystitis use Corn silk and Chamomile. For IBS or similar inflammatory gut problems try it with Melissa and Chamomile.

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