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Plant Spirit Medicine - Vibrational Essence - 15ml

Plant Spirit Medicine - Vibrational Essence - 15ml

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Clears delusional beliefs we harbour about ourselves and remove blockages to personal growth. It cleans the energy body and brings clarity, and spiritual connection and awakens your shamanic potential.

This is a renowned healing herb from the Amazonian jungle, with a recorded history of use of over 1,000 years.

Traditionally in sacred ceremonies, it is used to cleanse, heal and awaken the human consciousness to states of divine bliss and clarity on our life’s path, to enhance consciousness in this pure form.

This pure vine, vibrational essence is non-addictive and offers subtle transformations that take a little more time than a full-blown ceremony. Plus there is no need to engage in a dieta where your food is restricted to allow the ceremony to be effective, although a good diet and pure lifestyle will aid your spiritual awareness and is always advisable when on a spiritual path. It works gently, soothing the soul, and uplifting the spirit.

Making this vibrational medicinal extract is a little more complex than the average flower essence. As a Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, in my tradition, we learn it is important to honour the reciprocal relationship we hold with our plant allies. First, everything is blessed with sage and tobacco. Next, we honour the sacred space by creating a shamanic medicine wheel as a portal for the spirit to enter the water.  We begin the infusion process using pure distilled water, pure vine and sunlight over several hours, where we remain in communion with the plant spirits singing to them and offering prayers.  Once the plant spirit has been infused into the water, the essence is potentiated in a similar way to homoeopathic remedies, to remove all the actual chemistry and leave behind only the pure vibration of the plant spirit in the water. The essence is preserved using pure organic vodka, and each bottle contains around 25% alcohol by volume. 

This addition of alcohol also means we do not need to keep it refrigerated. For those wishing to work with the vine with no alcohol added, we have a pure vine extract available too, this needs to be refrigerated to prevent it from degrading. 

This essence would be perfect for someone wanting to work with the spirit of Ayahuasca but not wanting to ingest any of the chemistry of the plant. Perhaps they are on medications, pregnant or breastfeeding. Or perhaps unable to travel to a place where ceremony is legal, but wish to engage in a way of communing with this powerful plant spirit teacher.

This vibrational essence has gifted me a new way of seeing and helped cleanse away old ways that were not serving me. In the Toltec shamanic traditions of Mexico, which predates the Aztecs, they say we are all shamans if we can just awaken to our abilities, to remember we are creating our reality. And with the assistance of Mama Aya in this new vibrational essence, it feels as if she is removing the veil of delusion, to help us see with renewed clarity the painting we have created and gift us new insights into how we can paint our preferred picture.
To move through life with greater awareness, ease, grace and clarity. To help us to become the person we chose to be, rather than a manifestation of the unconscious, the epigenetic wounds of the past, the stories of our own previous lifetimes, or a puppet of societal demands. Mama Aya wants you to wake up, step into your power as a shaman, an earth keeper and help bring this world into harmony, which begins with a journey within to see what we are contributing to this story and change what needs to change. 
This is the first ever Ayahuasca vibrational essence available in the world (as far as I can ascertain from my research). And it is time to bring this medicine to the world, awaken us all to reach our infinite potential!
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