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Banisteriopsis Caapi Micro-Dosing Drops

Banisteriopsis Caapi Micro-Dosing Drops

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Banisteriopsis caapi is a renowned healing herb from the Amazonian jungle with over 1,000 years of recorded use. Traditionally used in sacred ceremonies for cleansing, healing, and awakening. It is non-addictive and offers subtle and real emotional, physical and spiritual transformations over time.

In this microdosing format, there is no need for restrictive diets. It contains around 25% alcohol by volume for preservation, which means there is no need to refrigerate, so she can travel with you wherever you go. A wonderful way to access this powerful and ancient Grandmother spirit medicine and integrate her into your healing journey and engage in a sacred communion from the comfort of your space.

The Science Overview

The alkaloids in the pure ayahuasca vine have been scientifically proven to help with depression, anxiety and neurodegenerative diseases. Banisteriopsis Caapi, or ‘Aya Vine’ as it is commonly known, does not contain DMT, and is 100% legal in the UK. To help balance the chemistry of the mind we can microdose the pure ayahuasca vine with just a few drops daily. This amazing master teacher plant of the Amazon rainforest is a true gift from our Mother Earth to help her children heal.

The Intention

This medicine has been made in the traditional Shipibo way, with prayers, sacred songs, and ceremony. The prayers woven into this unique batch of sacred medicine are to help us to collectively heal and release the imprints of wounds we are carrying in our mind, body & spirit, from our lives and our ancestors. And that we blossom, and reach their highest potential, in balance with nature and connect with the transformational love vibration of the universe.

A Personal Story

I am so grateful to my teachers who trained me in the traditional Shipibo way to make this sacred and gentle medicine.

This extract has gifted me a new way of seeing and helped cleanse away old ways that were not serving me. To move through life with greater awareness, ease, grace and clarity. To help me to become the person I chose to be, rather than a manifestation of the unconscious, the epigenetic wounds of the past, the stories of our own previous lifetimes, or a puppet of societal demands.

Mama Aya wants you to wake up, step into your power and help bring this world into harmony too, and she has gifted me the opportunity to share her medicine with you too. I thank you, Mama Aya and all our relations - AHO!



    • Place 5 drops under your tongue
    • Let it sit for 20 minutes, preferably during meditation.
    • Gently rest your tongue against the roof of your mouth for a comfortable experience.

Dosage Adjustment:

    • After 7 days, adjust dosage based on your mental, emotional, and physical response.
    • Trust your intuition; the spirit of the medicine guides your personalized dose.
    • Guidance may vary daily or weekly.

Dietary Notes:

    • No dietary restrictions during micro-dosing.
    • You might experience decreased desire for certain foods and increased awareness of cleaner living.

Recommended Course:

    • Suggested 30-day course with a 14-day break before the next.
    • Trust your intuition; take longer breaks if it feels right.

Bottle Duration:

    • A 30ml bottle lasts about 3 months/3 courses, depending on droplet dosage.


Consult Your Doctor:

    • Always consult your doctor if taking other medications.

Potential Medication Interactions:

    • Not to be taken with MAO or SSR inhibitors, antidepressants, etc.
    • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.

Combination Risks:

    • No documented side effects for micro-dosing alone.
    • Exercise caution with other herbs, drugs, and supplements containing MAOIs or SSRIs.


SuppleFood Supplement:

    • This is a food supplement; not evaluated or approved by the MHRA.
    • Not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent diseases.

Age Requirement:

    • Customers must be over 18 years of age to purchase.

Research and Consult:

    • Research all items and consult your doctor before use.
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