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An organic botanical infusion of Spearmint, Rosemary, Elderflower, Peppermint, Holy Basil, Red clover and Nettle leaf. 80g.

The intention of this Puri-tea blend of herbs is to cleanse your body, heal and protect your throat chakra, connect your throat chakra to your heart chakra and encourage you to express your truth and wisdom with clarity from your heart.

This botanical infusion is uplifting, awakening, clarifying and empowering. It would be a wonderful tea to begin the day or to use during detox or fast to assist the liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and nervous system release any toxins they have been holding, allowing your spiritual and physical energy to flow more powerfully. This tea will help on a daily basis to maintain clarity of thought and ease of movement. Anyone working on their manifestation skills could see an improvement in their ability to be in the flow state that allows us to receive and let go more easily, to be a better channel for divine abundance.

Spearmint & Peppermint - two wonderful liver and lung tonics which will refresh your whole body, relieve headaches caused by sinusitis, help you to breathe more easily and help the body remove feelings of toxicity caused either by ill health, food or alcohol. 

Rosemary - will help strengthen your blood flow and nervous system. Known to improve memory and liver function. It will support the detoxification process via the liver and help to cleanse the blood and thereby the entire body. Also, an adrenal tonic will help you balance your energy levels, to cope better with the stresses and strains of everyday living. In old herbal books, it is considered a herb of remembrance, to help us remember our ancestors and help us connect to who we truly are born to be.

Elderflower - A powerful healer which supports the whole respiratory and immune system. Used for common colds, influenza and covid! It can reduce inflammation in the nasal cavities and alleviate itchy eyes, which can be experienced as sinusitis and rhinitis caused by infections and allergies. Elderflower can help clean our body and blood, aiding detoxification through the skin, kidneys and bowels. And it can ease fever by promoting sweating, or help to raise your temperature if you have a cold and are shivering, it is a true adaptogen in this sense.

Holy Basil (Tulsi) - Is linked to both Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Oriental medicine for its medicinal and spiritual actions. It is thought to balance all the chakras, grounding us, centering us to help us prepare for the experience of enlightenment. It cleanses and purifies the physical and spiritual body. It is known for its adaptogenic quality - it helps us to adjust to stress, so we are more able to cope and recover from adrenal fatigue. It boosts our immune system and reduces inflammation. 

Red Clover - this is a delicious edible flower and herb often used to assist the cleansing of the lymphatic system, particularly associated with the breasts, which are linked with our heart chakra. Also used as a hormone balancer and skin cleanser. Red clover will help raise your confidence levels, to help you stand out from the crowd and proudly speak your truth, when we may previously have preferred to be hidden. 

Nettle leaf - A lung, blood and kidney cleanser and tonic, this herb will help to shift the toxins out of the blood and the tissues of the body, whilst also offering a rich variety of nutrients to feed our blood and tonify our lungs. Energetically, nettle helps us to maintain healthy boundaries - both physically and emotionally. Nettle teaches us sometimes we need to be a little prickly, and to keep the emotional energy we share for those who really deserve it. Nettle helps us raise our energy levels and maintain our health spiritually and physically!

In each 80g pouch of tea, you have between 25 to 50 cups, depending on how strong you like to make it, either 1 or 2 teaspoons per person.

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