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An organic botanical infusion of Rose, Blue Lotus, Damiana, Raspberry leaf, Lemon balm and Chamomile. 

The intention of this sensual blend of herbs is to cleanse, align and awaken the root or base chakra. It helps us to find pleasure and peace in the moment. To feel centred, grounded, connected and alive to experience the pleasures of living a sensual life, in mind, body and spirit.

Rose - to connect our root chakra to our hearts. To awaken us to the beauty within us and all around us.

Blue Lotus - to soothe away emotional pain, relax the body, and create a dream-like state of consciousness. Also with a reputation as an aphrodisiac - it awakens our passions.

Damiana - to add a tingle of passion, gather confidence, be fully present and excited to be alive. 

Raspberry leaf - to tonify the root chakra and the associated pelvic organs, bringing more blood to these organs to awaken them, and enhance their physical health.

Lemon balm - to cleanse away any past trauma energy held in the root chakra, and remind us how to breathe in bliss that is available to us in the present moment.

Chamomile - so soothing, so gentle, yet a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine, soothing any physical irritation that may have been held in the root chakra, cleansing and releasing to make space for more joy and sensual pleasure.

In each 60g pouch of tea, you have between 30 to 60 cups, depending on how strong you like to make it, either 1 or 2 teaspoons per person. 

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