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An organic botanical infusion of Rose, Chamomile, Liquorice, Mugwort, Gotu Kola and Blue Lotus. 70g bag.

The intention of this Spirituali-tea blend of herbs is to help you connect yourself to the spiritual state of consciousness. The blissful feeling of peace when we meditate deeply or relax walking in nature. It can assist the awakening of our third eyes, third ears and kinesthetic senses to the insight and wisdom that is available to us. The blend is gentle but aims to encourage your own shamanic abilities as and when you chose to tune in and open to spiritual awareness. You may experience profound teaching dreams or daytime 'aha' moments. If you are walking in nature, you may experience more omens, these are the guiding signs that nature is communicating to us if we just allow ourselves to become open enough to receive them. 

Rose - you may have heard the phrase stop and smell the roses. Rose helps us to slow down, to appreciate the moment. To smell the roses is also a way to listen to the messages of plants. The plants who are here to help us, gift us so many pleasures, foods, clothes, and shelter and they want to assist us in our evolution. But to hear them, you need to slow down, look and listen with your heart. Rose opens, expands and awakens the eyes and ears of our hearts. To awaken us to the beauty and wisdom within us and all around us.

Chamomile - Chamomile is often used to help people relax and reduce anxiety. It makes a perfect herb for our Spirtuali-tea blend as it helps us bring our inner child to the party. Our inner child who feels awe in experiencing the small things in life. Plus it helps soften our defensive energy, so it helps us feel safe, to feel trust, and simply be.

Liquorice - a small dose of liquorice in the tea helps to softly sweeten the blend, whereas the mugwort and blue lotus can be quite bitter, making it a deliciously balanced taste. The spiritual use of the liquorice is to help balance the adrenal glands. Taking is out of fight and flight mode into rest and digest mode - making it easier to enter this peaceful state as we meditate.

Mugwort - A classic magical and medicinal herb for lucid dreaming, energy cleansing and healing of the body. This bitter herb can be challenging to drink alone as it has quite a bitter taste, but in this combination, it works perfectly! Mugwort opens up the channels in the energy body, removing blockages to make space for new blessings to flow, for our natural evolution and expansion of consciousness.  Nicholas Culpeper a 16th-century herbalist wrote that Mugwort is connected to Venus, the divine feminine and teaches us self-love. By truly loving ourselves and accepting ourselves we are more able to connect with our outer reality in a joyful and meaningful way.

Gotu Kola - is known as the herb of grace. It has been shown to aid short and long-term memory function. It is believed to open our crown chakra to connect us to the matrix of wisdom held in the universal consciousness. It is an adaptogenic herb which helps us cope better with the stresses of life by strengthening the adrenal glands and the heart. It is a sleep aid, but not a sedative, by simply calming the mind and helping us to rebalance our energy from a stressful or busy day. My favourite historical tale about this herb is from the stories of Daoist master Li Ching-Yuen, who was believed to have lived 256 years by taking this herb! 

Blue Lotus - can help to create a dream-like state of consciousness. It has a reputation as an aphrodisiac - it awakens our passion for life. It can help us feel excited to be alive, to desire to connect with the world around us, but also to appreciate ourselves and relax into a meditative state of awareness. If using this tea before bedtime, or a meditative walk, the blue lotus may also guide your sleeping or waking dreams so the omens that are being shown to you become clearer and easier to make sense of. 

In each 70g pouch of tea, you have between 20 to 40 cups, depending on how strong you like to make it, either 1 or 2 teaspoons per person. 

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