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An organic botanical infusion of Rosa damascena. Rosa centifolia, Bobinsana, Chamomile, Limeflower, Lavender, Passionflower.

The intention of this tranquili-tea blend of herbs is to soothe your spirit, heal your heart and bring you to a conscious state of inner peace. It is a very restful tea, perfect for relaxation, calming anxiety, meditation or nighttime when we need to switch off our busy minds and return to our heart centre to feel at peace and rest well.

The herbs chosen are based on an ancient recipe in traditional oriental medicine which helps the shen - the consciousness - rest in the heart centre, rather than in our heads which it does for most of our waking hours of the day as we work busily away. With the addition of Lavender to soothe the liver, calm anger and frustration and Bobinsana, a herb used in the Mayan tradition to heal the heart in ceremonies and in traditional healing dietas.

This tea will help you to heal and awaken your heart chakra, help you to live in the moment, with peace in your heart and a calm mind.

Rose, Damascena & centifolia - these 2 varieties of rose create a strong flavour of rose, similar to Turkish delight. Rose is gently cooling to the whole body and healing to our hearts.  Rose will help your heart fill with love until it is overflowing so you can become a more loving being and cool your frustrations, helping to bring you into a state of peace. 

Bobinsana - is considered a master plant teacher by the shipibo people. It is thought to assist lucid dreaming, to help awaken your spiritual consciousness and heal a broken heart.  It is an anti-inflammatory herb and also assists the body in eliminating toxins. It also helps to raise serotonin levels helping you to feel happy naturally. 

Chamomile - a powerful yet gentle anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant herb. Chamomile heals our inner child wounds, especially unexpressed anger stored in the body that disempowers us. Chamomile is soothing to digestion and calming to the nervous system. Chamomile is often used to help people relax and reduce anxiety.

Lavender - is a calming herb, helpful for anxiety and depression. It lifts the spirits, and enlivens the energy body - so we experience less fatigue, helps us think more clearly and aid sleep. It is a mild anti-spasmodic and has been shown to alleviate menstrual pain. 

Limeflower - once used by world war 2 soldiers to aid sleep before the invention of tranquilisers! This is a gentle sedative, it won't knock you out as valerian does, just soothe you into a relaxation that will enhance your ability to rest and sleep well. It can help to lower high blood pressure and also has the ability to relieve palpitations caused by nervous anxiety. I often use this herb in children's blends, as it is very gentle and delicious too!

Passionflower - used commonly as a herbal calmative, for sleep problems, ADHD, sleep problems and anxiety. I love the mild smokey flavour of this herb and how it blends with the other herbs in this mix and its synchronistic ability to deeply soothe the nervous system and relax the muscles to bring us into a state of peace throughout. It is a herb that if drunk in large doses can be significantly sedative, so in this daytime tranquil brew we have it in a low dose, just enough to relax you to help you enjoy your day, or help you drift off to sleep at night with a smile on your face.

In each 50g pouch of tea, you have between 20 to 40 cups, depending on how strong you like to make it, either 1 or 2 tea spoons per person. 

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