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Spirit of the Valley Ceremonial Cacao

Spirit of the Valley Ceremonial Cacao

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This is high-quality fine-grade organic chuncho ceremonial cacao, grown on an organic family cacao farm in Peru, on the edge of the jungle, in a region known as 'La Convencion'.

It is processed and fermented by hand and only the best healthy pods are selected and used for ceremonial-grade cacao. The other pods are separated and sold as regular cacao.

The cacao beans are dried in the sun and roasted in a wood-fired roasting oven a little and moved by hand to keep the cacao at the right temperature, which gives it its extra quality, and a beautiful slightly smoky flavour.

The owner of this farm, Fabrizioz, loves what he does, he doesn't drink alcohol so his energy is pure, he even hugs the trees! He lives with his wife and 2 daughters, and his Cacao farm is managed in the traditional way Mayans have worked for 1,000s of years, in symbiosis with mama nature, and all the other plants & animals of the jungle.

This cacao has also been blessed in a sacred Despacho ceremony for us, with my personal handwritten intentions, by a very powerful medicine man and healer, to help heal our hearts and minds, and connect us all deeply to this sacred medicine.

These are solid blocks of delicious pure cacao, very smooth and a little bitter, with a really pure taste and texture. Individual blocks of 200g are £20 each.

Invitations of use; dosage per person: 14 - 28g daily use. 28g – 42g ceremonial use .

Whisk with hot water or plant-based milk.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans

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